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Prizes for all remote league players and even more for those who post and promote new custom remote leagues. Click on the link below or find all other details in the adjoining rules/info links here on this website.................................................To join a league in development simply select the day of the week you wish to play. Then, find the timeslot and type of league you prefer. Simply click on "Join this league" to join the league....................Leagues generally begin "no less than three (3) days following the date the 6th team (or more) is added in a timeslot"...........Maximum eight (8) teams per Express league; Maximum ten (10) teams per Standard league.............................. Or click on "Post a New League" to establish a league of the type you prefer on any day and timeslot of the week, then start promoting that league on Facebook to earn even more free stuff.

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Leagues listed here, starting this week or restart date posted.
 Created DateTeam SizeTimePromoterLeague TypeSchedule TypeCapHandicap TypeFormat# Waiting Point Rated Increase Start DateRestart 
 02/13/20184 Person Team 4:00 pmLisa BrownOpenExpress240Spot-Pts/Marks-Reverse Handicap 7Join This League Share 03-25-181A4E02
 01/26/20183 Person Team 7:00 pmBEN PETROCCOOpenExpress210Spot-Pts/Marks-Reverse HandicapRegular7Join This League Share 03-25-18 

All Times Central
 Created DateTeam SizeTimePromoterLeague TypeSchedule TypeCapHandicap TypeFormat# Waiting Point Rated Increase Restart 
 03/19/20182 Person Team 1:00 pmJENNIFER REECEMixedStandard120Spot-Pts/Marks-Reverse HandicapWith Singles5Join This League Share 1A2B45 Will start no sooner than 4/01/2018
 01/29/20182 Person Team 1:00 pmKIM HENDERSONOpenExpress100Spot-Pts/Marks-Reverse HandicapRegular1Join This League Share 1A2B46
 12/31/20172 Person Team 1:00 pmNOLA DoeringMixedExpress120Spot-Points and MarksRegular3Join This League Share  
 03/13/20182 Person Team 1:00 pmRon ArmsOpenExpress100No HandicapRegular1Join This League Share  
 01/13/20182 Person Team 3:00 pmHEATHER ANDERSONOpenStandard120Spot-Pts/Marks-Reverse HandicapWith Singles2Join This League Share 1A2D17
 02/19/20182 Person Team 3:00 pmRyan LehmannOpenExpress120Spot-Pts/Marks-Reverse HandicapRegular3Join This League Share 1A2D23
 03/19/20182 Person Team 3:00 pmRyan LehmannOpenExpress120No HandicapRegular0Join This League Share 1C2D11 Will start no sooner than 03/25/2018
 03/14/20182 Person Team 4:00 pmDan LaVineOpenExpress140Spot-Pts/Marks-Reverse HandicapRegular2Join This League Share  
 02/20/20182 Person Team 6:00 pmSteve Garrean JrOpenExpress100Spot-Pts/Marks-Reverse HandicapWith Singles3Join This League Share 1A2G20
 02/20/20182 Person Team11:00 amJOHN JENSENOpenExpress120Spot-Points and MarksRegular1Join This League Share 1A2X15
 02/11/20183 Person Team 3:00 pmJT TROUTOpenExpress180Spot-Pts/Marks-Reverse HandicapRegular1Join This League Share  
 02/27/20184 Person Team 6:00 pmWilly WalkerOpenExpress240Spot-Pts/Marks-Reverse Handicap 2Join This League Share 1A4G03

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