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Roster for PPD League - 2L2H42 - MONDAY
 For HANDICAPPED LEAGUES - Use this handicap sheet for your handicaps for the FIRST match that your team physically plays, after that please adjust the shooting order to ALWAYS be highest to lowest PPD as found on the weekly stats, or MPR for leagues with Singles games. Please double check to ensure that your handicap is the same as found online.   
**NOTE:  Player averages at the time of team sign-up may not be reflected below...due to the fact that player averages on the TOC website fluctuate on a daily basis, the HIGHEST cpr of either the sign-up or the current as reflected on the TOC website, at the time of each new league, will be used for handicapping (where applicable). 
Break-Out Rule… To ensure the fairest competition, a fail-safe measure exists to add integrity and prevent activity that causes damage to capped league competition.  “Break-out” penalties apply to a team of players whose CPR exceeds the original league cap by 25% or more after any combination of players fielded on the team has thrown a minimum of 120 darts in X01 or 120 darts in Cricket games each.  Players are advised to review their CPR to ensure their league starting PRs accurately reflect the true skill and ability of each player on the team.  This is necessary to avoid the team "breaking out" during the course of a capped league.  
A break out match is disqualified.   When a break out occurs, the match must be replayed, or it may be scored as a forfeit at the discretion of PPD Administrators.  When scoring a forfeit, PPD Administrators determine a match score by adding one to the win-percent average of the non-break-out team. 
A “break out” team is required to modify the team roster to field a combination of existing team players under the league cap plus 25% (the break out cap).  If no combination of existing players fits under the break-out cap, a new player must be added to the roster to enable the fielded team to fit under the original league cap.
**Highest Known CPR posted below**
Team 1 -  Player Team PPD MPR Player Rating
    CHAD CEGELSKI C. CEGELSKI M, WI 31.424 3.679 68.214
    CLINT HOEFGEN C. CEGELSKI M, WI 30.875 3.445 65.325
  Sub ELI KRAH C. CEGELSKI M, WI 25.338 3.238 57.718
        62.299   133.539
Team 2 -  Player Team PPD MPR Player Rating
    NICHOLAS LANGSTON J. MEADER P, TX 31.239 4.01 71.339
    JAKE MEADER J. MEADER P, TX 30.378 3.388 64.258
  Sub ALVARO TREVIZO J. MEADER P, TX 27.566 3.107 58.636
        61.617   135.597
Team 3 -  Player Team PPD MPR Player Rating
    SCOTT MILLER J. SULLIVAN D, IL 35.441 4.227 77.711
    JOEY SULLIVAN J. SULLIVAN D, IL 26.357 3.038 56.737
        61.798   134.448
Team 4 -  Player Team PPD MPR Player Rating
    JONATHAN BEIS J. BEIS S, FL 33.947 3.752 71.467
    JUSTIN LEBLANC J. BEIS S, FL 28.536 3.211 60.646
        62.483   132.113
Team 5 -  Player Team PPD MPR Player Rating
    MARK MEARES M. MEARES S, FL 33.168 3.812 71.288
    KELLY MEARES M. MEARES S, FL 30.669 3.605 66.719
        63.837   138.007
Team 6 -  Player Team PPD MPR Player Rating
    NATE POPE M. HINTZ M, WI 33.002 3.95 72.502
    MICHAEL HINTZ M. HINTZ M, WI 28.434 3.152 59.954
  Sub ASHLEY POPE M. HINTZ M, WI 20.161 2.552 45.681
        61.436   132.456
Team 7 -  Player Team PPD MPR Player Rating
    TODD WIEGMAN T. WIEGMAN M, WI 39.067 4.516 84.227
    RICHARD ZILLMER T. WIEGMAN M, WI 23.14 2.479 47.93
  Sub JOSEPH AHRNDT T. WIEGMAN M, WI 25.355 2.866 54.015
  Sub BOBBY AMES T. WIEGMAN M, WI 24.74 2.745 52.19
        62.207   132.157
Team 8 -  Player Team PPD MPR Player Rating
    RICH KRUK R. KRUK W, MI 31.376 3.807 69.446
    CRAIG WATERS R. KRUK W, MI 30.744 3.5 65.744
        62.12   135.19
Team 9 -  Player Team PPD MPR Player Rating
    BRIAN WENDT B. WENDT G, WI 36.88 3.688 73.76
    SHONNA FUERST B. WENDT G, WI 19.702 2.173 41.432
        56.582   115.192
Team 10 -  Player Team PPD MPR Player Rating
    THOMAS HICKS T. HICKS I, IN 31.664 3.524 66.904
    STEVE MAY T. HICKS I, IN 31.303 3.644 67.743
        62.967   134.647