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Roster for PPD League - 3B2H76
 For HANDICAPPED LEAGUES - Use this handicap sheet for your handicaps for the FIRST match that your team physically plays, after that please adjust the shooting order to ALWAYS be highest to lowest PPD as found on the weekly stats, or MPR for leagues with Singles games. Please double check to ensure that your handicap is the same as found online.   
**NOTE:  Player averages at the time of team sign-up may not be reflected below...due to the fact that player averages on the TOC website fluctuate on a daily basis, the HIGHEST cpr of either the sign-up or the current as reflected on the TOC website, at the time of each new league, will be used for handicapping (where applicable). 
Break-Out Rule… To ensure the fairest competition, a fail-safe measure exists to add integrity and prevent activity that causes damage to capped league competition.  “Break-out” penalties apply to a team of players whose CPR exceeds the original league cap by 25% or more after any combination of players fielded on the team has thrown a minimum of 120 darts in X01 or 120 darts in Cricket games each.  Players are advised to review their CPR to ensure their league starting PRs accurately reflect the true skill and ability of each player on the team.  This is necessary to avoid the team "breaking out" during the course of a capped league.  
A break out match is disqualified.   When a break out occurs, the match must be replayed, or it may be scored as a forfeit at the discretion of PPD Administrators.  When scoring a forfeit, PPD Administrators determine a match score by adding one to the win-percent average of the non-break-out team. 
A “break out” team is required to modify the team roster to field a combination of existing team players under the league cap plus 25% (the break out cap).  If no combination of existing players fits under the break-out cap, a new player must be added to the roster to enable the fielded team to fit under the original league cap.
**Highest Known CPR posted below**
Team 1 -  Player Team PPD MPR Player Rating
    CHRIS GERLING C. GERLING S, MO 32.852 3.674 69.592
    CRAIG ROADY C. GERLING S, MO 31.146 3.488 66.026
  Sub TIM HOEKEL C. GERLING S, MO 17.62 2.072 38.34
  Sub FRED DAVIS C. GERLING S, MO 24.952 2.594 50.892
        63.998   135.618
Team 2 -  Player Team PPD MPR Player Rating
    DAN CLARK D. CLARK S, PA 33.148 3.738 70.528
    TIMOTHY BURKE D. CLARK S, PA 29.793 3.285 62.643
        62.941   133.171
Team 3 -  Player Team PPD MPR Player Rating
    ERIC LUDTKE E. LUDTKE D, IA 34.732 4.203 76.762
    STEVE HUX E. LUDTKE D, IA 31.084 3.327 64.354
  Sub ZEB SCHMACHT E. LUDTKE D, IA 29.382 3.147 60.852
        65.816   141.116
Team 4 -  Player Team PPD MPR Player Rating
    GARION COLE G. COLE P, IL 37.74 4.784 85.58
    JARROD BANTZ G. COLE P, IL 33.076 3.587 68.946
  Sub MIKE ERICKSON G. COLE P, IL 32.911 3.85 71.411
  Sub JOHN FARRIS G. COLE P, IL 33.899 4.387 77.769
        70.816   154.526
Team 5 -  Player Team PPD MPR Player Rating
    CHRISTIAN LOPEZ J. CHAPMAN S, FL 37.914 4.574 83.654
    JEFF CHAPMAN J. CHAPMAN S, FL 33.693 3.811 71.803
  Sub TERRY LUCK J. CHAPMAN S, FL 34.699 3.679 71.489
        71.607   155.457
Team 6 -  Player Team PPD MPR Player Rating
    MARIO SERRA S. KADLEC W WI 34.355 3.935 73.705
    STEVE KADLEC S. KADLEC W WI 32.692 3.556 68.252
        67.047   141.957
Team 7 -  Player Team PPD MPR Player Rating
    JEREL RUTLEDGE J. LACKEY S, TX 37.211 4.29 80.111
    JOHNNY LACKEY J. LACKEY S, TX 36.056 4.641 82.466
        73.267   162.577
Team 8 -  Player Team PPD MPR Player Rating
    COREY LAMMERS C. LAMMERS H, NE 32.162 3.97 71.862
    DOUG VERBECK C. LAMMERS H, NE 30.388 3.176 62.148
        62.55   134.01
Team 9 -  Player Team PPD MPR Player Rating
    ROBERT PRATT R. BRAUGHTON S, TX 32.654 3.714 69.794
    RANDY BRAUGHTON R. BRAUGHTON S, TX 28.913 3.266 61.573
        61.567   131.367
Team 10 -  Player Team PPD MPR Player Rating
    RYAN EARLE R. EARLE W, IA 35.752 3.866 74.412
    SCOTT HOCKEY R. EARLE W, IA 30.804 3.472 65.524
        66.556   139.936