Welcome to the PPD User Account


Each PPD player is required to establish a PPD user account to participate in any PPD tournaments and to be paid out at the completion of each PPD league. A user account enables PPD staff, other players, and teammates to connect. This feature verifies who each person is on the PPD website/system by collecting personal information to enable staff and team captains to communicate in various ways.

Besides with communication, this feature also allows staff to payout players for leagues and tournaments in a timely manner.

Linking each player’s Facebook account to their PPD user account greatly enhances communication options for everyone and provides a secondary form of communication if there is something wrong with a players alternate form of communication. Linking your user account to Facebook facilitates much easier interaction for remote-league and/or remote-tournament, electronic handshakes, and connects players when assembling teams for capped events at the annual Tournament of Champions in Kansas City.