All-Star Rank List

2022 TOC Year

July 15, 2021 – July 14, 2022

For every PPD Remote League match or Daily Remote Tournament played, players earn points on this rank list.

The more you play, the more points you have, the higher you are on the list. Matches played take an average of 48 hours to show on the list.

The All-Star Rank List uses a “progressive league-point value” in correlation with each “PPD Nationals” Event.

League match values increase to ensure those who are currently participating in leagues, including new players joining the program during the year, move up the rank list as the year goes along.

The value of each match is:

July 15, 2021 – October 10, 2021
PPD Remote League Match = 3
Daily Remote Tournament (DRT) = 1

October 11, 2021 – January 9, 2022
PPD Remote League Match = 6
Daily Remote Tournament (DRT) = 2

January 10, 2022 – April 10, 2022
PPD Remote League Match = 12
Daily Remote Tournament (DRT) = 4

April 11, 2022 – July 14, 2022
PPD Remote League Match = 24
Daily Remote Tournament (DRT) = 8

All-Star Triples Schedule

3rd Saturday of February, March, May, June, August, September, November & December at 1:30pm (CT).


Opens – As early as 9am (CT), the 5th Wednesday prior to each All-Star Event.

Closes – As early as 5pm (CT), the Thursday prior to each All-Star Event.


An eligible player needs 3 PPD Remote matches played within 30 days of registering for the event.

Players can substitute 1 Daily Remote Tournaments (DRTs) for 1 of the 3 matches needed for eligibility.

All matches must be played by the TUESDAY prior to each All-Star to count for match eligibility towards that All-Star Event.

Matches played that Tuesday show up the following Thursday, enabling players to register the day registration closes by 5pm (CT).

RankPlayer Name MPRPPDPlayer RatingGames PlayedTot Pts Vendor 
1 Danielle Cook...10K 12.16720.49842.16817739detailsB&K Enterprises
2 Charles Lebeuf...10K  2.41924.48848.67817638detailsB&K Enterprises
3 Hunter Van BEEK...10K 24.58037.52683.32618237detailsMultiple Vendors
4 Loran Hicks...10K 23.27230.32263.04217136detailsEntertainment Experts
5 Corey Jensen...10K 24.29037.00679.90618333detailsMultiple Vendors
6 Wayne Grant...10K 22.93427.89457.23415933detailsMultiple Vendors
7 Art Schwarting...10K 23.14927.49958.98912330detailsECS INC
8 Madisyn Van BEEK...10K 12.60426.32752.36714127detailsMultiple Vendors
9 John Campbell...10K 23.51532.59267.74212627detailsEntertainment Experts
10 Gary Kaufhold...10K 23.63831.98068.36013624detailsEntertainment Experts
11 Lon Broussard...10K 23.18229.48661.30612024detailsWWDL
12 Raymond Redington...10K 23.66531.37468.02411124detailsEntertainment Experts
13 Mark Lowe...10K 23.46531.21965.86910824detailsC & M Darts
14 Joe Hyde...10K 23.29728.81161.78110824detailsStar City Amusement
15 April Patterson...10K 12.79825.35753.33710524detailsMultiple Vendors
16 Austin Braswell...10K 23.06428.18958.82910224detailsC & M Darts
17 Melissa Moorhead 12.37821.80645.5869624detailsGames RR Biz
18 Kory Fleischman 23.64730.65567.1259324detailsD and D Amusement Games
19 Kory Fleischman 23.64730.65567.1259324detailsFreds Amusing Games
20 Brian Cassady...10K 23.07627.86658.62611523detailsGames RR Biz
21 Joe Lindow...10K  2.23421.57143.91111322detailsMidstate Amusement
22 Wendy Muzzarelli...10K 12.07518.68239.43210422detailsMultiple Vendors
23 Tim Weaver...10K 22.87925.36854.15810322detailsStansfield Vending
24 Seth Myers  2.27020.27342.9739722detailsGames RR Biz
25 Melinda Dake 11.82918.22536.5159622detailsB And G
26 Nick Dichiria 23.95032.21371.7133822detailsMultiple Vendors
27 Casey Kaufhold...10K 23.91631.26570.42512121detailsEntertainment Experts
28 Robert Pratt...10K 23.75132.59970.10910521detailsStar City Amusement
29 Rick Schuppe...10K 23.43531.62765.97710521detailsMidstate Amusement
30 Randy Braughton...10K 23.36429.86063.50010521detailsStar City Amusement
31 Paul Ferris 23.03326.96957.2999321detailsGames RR Biz
32 Austin Degola 23.94031.97671.3769021detailsStar City Amusement
33 Damion Williams  2.35223.06246.5828121detailsH Lazar & Son Inc
34 Brian Yowell...10K 22.74928.38855.87814420detailsPlay Mor Coin-Op
35 Noah North...10K 23.05126.22656.73613520detailsMultiple Vendors
36 Rachael Dewald 12.26922.00644.6965420detailsPlay Mor Coin-Op
37 Dan Nazarian...10K 22.65225.91552.43511219detailsC & M Darts
38 Michael Kolosso...10K 23.18227.30459.12411019detailsAmusement Devices
39 Melvin Cherry...10K 24.38736.86980.73910819detailsWWDL
40 Josh Thunderhawk...10K 23.07327.85558.58510819detailsAutomatic Vendors Rapid City
41 Christian Broussard...10K 23.62633.22569.48510719detailsWWDL
42 Eric West...10K 23.00027.69457.69410519detailsWWDL
43 Daniel Cotner...10K 22.64125.62452.03410419detailsMultiple Vendors
44 Tj Marolf...10K 22.87226.54755.26710019detailsC & M Darts
45 John Taylor 22.69625.31052.2709519detailsStansfield Vending
46 Sherri Linzmeyer 12.31421.17044.3109519detailsMidstate Amusement
47 Brandon Schmitt 22.77726.28654.0568919detailsNebraska Technical Services
48 Mason Valland 22.65122.75349.2637719detailsC & M Darts
49 Caeleigh Morton 13.20729.01861.0881119detailsMultiple Vendors
50 Rick Henze...10K 25.04240.23190.65111418detailsAmerican Amusement Arcades
51 Ken Ripp...10K 24.44937.67182.16111418detailsAmerican Amusement Arcades
52 Mark Rowe 24.25235.33977.8599818detailsWWDL
53 Tatiye Jensen 12.43523.73648.0869818detailsAutomatic Vendors Rapid City
54 Tatiye Jensen 12.43523.73648.0869818detailsAutomatic Wagner
55 Ines Harris 13.17429.51061.2509618detailsBeyer and Brown
56 Ines Harris 13.17429.51061.2509618detailsC & M Darts
57 Josh Weidler 23.71934.22671.4169218detailsPlay Mor Coin-Op
58 Odie Coheley 23.59832.16768.1479018detailsWest Coast Darters of FL
59 Tom Barrett 22.83626.13954.4999018detailsWest Coast Darters of FL
60 Brent Norberg 22.73225.66052.9809018detailsMotor City Entertainment
61 Scott Rumbuc 22.57824.10249.8829018detailsMidstate Amusement
62 Kaitlin Brockman 12.38922.75646.6469018detailsStansfield Vending
63 Jennah Wagner 11.97518.64738.3979018detailsAutomatic Vendors Sioux Falls
64 Tyna Tague Wulf 11.68216.51333.3339018detailsAutomatic Vendors Sioux Falls
65 Skylar Carpenter  2.08122.20043.0108718detailsC & M Darts
66 Ben Cutcher 23.56331.50367.1338418detailsMultiple Vendors
67 Ron Sale 23.11727.95559.1258418detailsAbraham Amusement/Accel Entertainment
68 Rachel Allers 12.22420.17042.4108418detailsMultiple Vendors
69 Tito Martinez 24.16135.98177.5918118detailsD and C Amusements
70 Steven Collinson 23.32329.82763.0578118detailsNebraska Technical Services
71 Tom Zuleger 23.04830.24560.7258118detailsRed's Novelty
72 Robert Boben 22.89928.14157.1318118detailsEntertainment Experts
73 Keith Diers  2.71125.42652.5368118detailsFreds Amusing Games
74 Christine Thompson 12.33921.59044.9808118detailsEntertainment Experts
75 Heather Schoenberger 12.02420.47740.7178118detailsEntertainment Experts
76 Jj Livingston 23.20828.13260.2123018detailsRiver City Amusement
77 Jennifer Shomo...10K 11.97519.36839.11810617detailsUnion Music
78 Julio Rodriguez...10K 22.62724.31750.58710217detailsMultiple Vendors
79 Jeremy Vollmer  2.12121.92643.1369717detailsStansfield Vending
80 Brandon Richardson 23.41729.38063.5508717detailsB&K Enterprises
81 Jake Crocker 23.10130.11661.1268317detailsVVS Inc.
82 Kory Henrichs...10K 22.58222.52648.34612316detailsAutomatic Vendors Sioux Falls
83 Shawn Regan...10K  2.32020.53143.73110316detailsPlay Mor Coin-Op
84 Travis Kolthoff 23.16826.62658.3068616detailsAutomatic Vendors Sioux Falls
85 Bjorn Brecker 22.66024.70051.3008116detailsEntertainment Experts
86 Dana Post 22.83925.71354.1037816detailsMultiple Vendors
87 Rhonda Post 12.16221.18742.8077816detailsMultiple Vendors
88 Jeffrey Way  2.42424.17648.4167616detailsEntertainment Experts
89 Bob Riederer 23.71932.29369.4837516detailsGames RR Biz
90 Amy Plagmann 12.43420.04944.3897016detailsAutomatic Vendors Sioux Falls
91 John Charles 23.13228.69860.0186816detailsEntertainment Experts
92 Stacy Braswell  2.20619.95442.0146516detailsC & M Darts
93 Pete Lux  2.16019.81641.4166516detailsAutomatic Vendors Sioux Falls
94 Phil Anderson 23.39832.25466.2341416detailsAmusement Devices
95 Sadie Glant...10K 12.33820.61443.99411815detailsB&K Enterprises
96 Jeffery Johnson 24.78838.44686.3269515detailsRed's Novelty
97 Chris Gerling 23.68232.50269.3229515detailsPlay Mor Coin-Op
98 Jacob Aswegan 23.40427.79261.8329515detailsGames RR Biz
99 Terry Kruse 23.73433.20270.5429115detailsMultiple Vendors
100 Leonard Gates 25.52241.95997.1798815detailsStar City Amusement
101 Robert Gardner 23.86934.64073.3308715detailsMidstate Amusement
102 Lavel Sterling 24.43637.20981.5698315detailsNebraska Technical Services
103 Todd White 23.85733.28771.8577515detailsMidstate Amusement
104 Damian Allen 23.31729.22162.3917515detailsC & M Darts
105 David Arnold 23.21629.33761.4977515detailsPlay Mor Coin-Op
106 Nate Monhaut 23.19129.23761.1477515detailsStansfield Vending
107 Chris Roger 22.82624.10452.3647515detailsWWDL
108 Arlene Richardson 12.30320.77943.8097515detailsB&K Enterprises
109 Chris Headrick  2.20221.49243.5127515detailsVolTronic Darts
110 Keri Norberg 11.88717.97236.8427515detailsMotor City Entertainment
111 Amy Wilson  1.90716.89735.9677515detailsVolTronic Darts
112 Crystal Boyd 11.79016.03733.9377515detailsStar City Amusement
113 Larry Keith 24.38535.48979.3396915detailsAbraham Amusement/Accel Entertainment
114 Shawn Thiel 23.52431.79467.0346915detailsBeyer and Brown
115 Brian Henry 23.44931.76866.2586915detailsMotor City Entertainment
116 Matt Megge 23.17528.09559.8456915detailsMotor City Entertainment
117 Zeb Schmacht 23.14029.25360.6536715detailsECS INC
118 Ryan Krueger 23.36531.46565.1156615detailsSchmitz Amusement
119 Michael Carter 23.40230.97864.9986615detailsEntertainment Experts
120 Justin Goss 23.34629.70263.1626615detailsEntertainment Experts
121 Richard Buscher 23.15328.13359.6636615detailsGames RR Biz
122 Ryan Lunnin  2.44923.57848.0686615detailsMultiple Vendors
123 Chris Mcree  2.43523.33747.6876615detailsMultiple Vendors
124 Tiffany Reed 12.55321.99347.5236615detailsPlay Mor Coin-Op
125 Jeramiah Beaver  2.28019.68042.4806615detailsB&K Enterprises
126 Brandon Harrison  1.89517.32336.2736615detailsPlay Mor Coin-Op
127 Laura Schambach 11.71816.17033.3506315detailsKinney Amusement
128 Steve Drew 24.05035.25675.7566015detailsMidstate Amusement
129 Todd Drew 23.74032.82570.2256015detailsMidstate Amusement
130 Jacob Patterson 23.35331.39064.9206015detailsEntertainment Experts
131 Scott Vulgamott 23.18228.10159.9216015detailsGames RR Biz
132 Amanda Murphy 12.44824.17548.6556015detailsB And G
133 Crystal GONZALEZ 12.43323.66147.9916015detailsEntertainment Experts
134 Dean Rickabaugh Sr  2.39223.52347.4436015detailsGames RR Biz
135 Jill Mallory 12.32023.02446.2246015detailsPlay Mor Coin-Op
136 Kathy Howard 12.22721.78244.0526015detailsAutomatic Vendors Sioux Falls
137 Nancy Riederer 12.27920.52343.3136015detailsGames RR Biz
138 Linda Tumbleson 11.96519.80139.4516015detailsPlay Mor Coin-Op
139 Amanda Klatt  1.52116.07231.2826015detailsMidstate Amusement
140 Denise Schwarting  1.53815.78231.1626015detailsECS INC
141 Todd Rettke 22.61724.18750.3575415detailsAbraham Amusement/Accel Entertainment
142 Adam Clayton  2.37821.41445.1945415detailsMultiple Vendors
143 Pinky Smith 22.79725.29353.2634815detailsH Lazar & Son Inc
144 Jayme Kopp...6K 24.28935.64278.53210414detailsSchmitz Amusement
145 Jessica Snyder 12.45622.74047.3009014detailsAutomatic Vendors Sioux Falls
146 Robert Rash 22.94926.03255.5228114detailsC & M Darts
147 Valerie Nevrincean 12.34821.26444.7447714detailsWest Coast Darters of FL
148 Danny Bartholomew 23.04029.48159.8817514detailsECS INC
149 Andrea Trouba 12.43921.18645.5767414detailsVVS Inc.
150 Jason Trouba  2.36320.84644.4767414detailsVVS Inc.
151 Jennifer Abrams 11.87116.64835.35872