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List of Players That Promo Items Have Been Sent

Billy Sheets4A4H041/21/2015
Gary Finley3A2H061/21/2015
James Hancock1B2D031/21/2015
James Henninger2B2H101/21/2015
Jeb Thomes4A2H111/21/2015
Jesse Johnsen5B2H031/21/2015
Jim Lambert1A2G011/21/2015
Kim Puckett4A2H101/21/2015
Kristen Parker5A2H091/21/2015
Liz Bowers4A4H031/21/2015
Melanie Strand5A2H101/21/2015
Mike Kent1A2D061/21/2015
Terry Markhardt1A2D041/21/2015
Tina Deckert4A2H121/21/2015
Clayton Dilliplaneleague3/1/2015
Crista Miller7A2B013/1/2015
Fred Worley3A3I013/1/2015
Jimmy White5B2H113/1/2015
Jon Schuch1A2C013/1/2015
Kevin Hettenhouser4B2H073/1/2015
Linda Eubanks5A4H073/1/2015
Marla Turntineleague3/1/2015
Ryan Mooneyham3B2H103/1/2015
Wendy Marx2A2H083/1/2015
Ally McQueen5A2H134/28/2015
Brad Nichols2B2H124/28/2015
Bryan Cooper5A2H124/28/2015
Curt Hobbs1A2D074/28/2015
Dan Olin4B2H104/28/2015
Dave Madison3C2H014/28/2015

If you didn't receive a promotional item check the following:
-Ensure your address is correct in your player profile
-Ensure your Facebook link is correct in player profile
-You have received one within the past 9 months.
-Other required fields inside of your player profile.

If you have any more questions regading this list please Contact Jamie @ the PPD Office.